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May 2, 2023

In this podcast episode, Emily Williams interviews Rachel B Lee, a branding expert and entrepreneur who shares her journey of leaving her corporate job to start her own business with her husband.

Rachel talks about the mindset blocks and fears she had to overcome, particularly around money and the lack of a safety net. She also shares her IVF journey and the challenges she faced trying to conceive.

Rachel emphasizes the importance of authenticity and finding one's voice in the workplace, as well as the need for self-awareness and vulnerability in personal and professional growth. She also shares her four-step process for building a personal brand.


In This Episode: 

[00:00] IVF Journey.
Rachel talks about her personal journey with IVF and the importance of sharing her experience to help others.

[02:00] Leaving Corporate Job.
Rachel discusses the reasons why she left her corporate job and the challenges she faced in finding her voice and being authentic in the workplace.

[07:34] Mindset Blocks and Fears.
Rachel shares her mindset blocks and fears, particularly around money and security, that she had to overcome in order to leave her corporate job and start her own business.

[10:42] Life Design Coach and Emotional Intelligence Curriculum.
Rachel talks about the importance of having a life design coach and participating in emotional intelligence curriculum to help her make the leap from her corporate job to starting her own business.

[12:33] Roles and Responsibilities in a Business Partnership.
Rachel discusses the challenges she and her husband faced in defining their roles and responsibilities as business partners and the importance of clarity in any business partnership.

[19:16] IVF Journey and Surrendering.
Rachel opens up about her IVF journey and the challenges and growth it has brought her, emphasizing the importance of surrendering to the process.

[21:18] IVF Journey.
Rachel talks about her struggles with IVF, including the process of transferring embryos and her difficulty in getting pregnant.

[26:22] Surrender and Lessons.
Rachel discusses the importance of surrendering and letting go, and how it has been a big lesson in her life.

[30:23] Comparing and Grieving.
Rachel talks about the challenges of comparing herself to others, especially when it comes to pregnancy, and how she has been grieving the unmet expectations in her journey.

[32:40] Importance of Mental Health Awareness.
Rachel and Emily discuss the importance of being aware of one's mental health and seeking support when needed.

[36:09] Finding Your Voice and Personal Brand.
Rachel talks about the importance of finding one's voice and building a personal brand that is authentic and true to oneself.

[39:48] Identifying Personal Value Proposition.
Rachel shares her four-step process for identifying one's personal value proposition and building a strong personal brand.

[42:43] Differentiation and Value Proposition.
Rachel discusses the importance of differentiation and credibility in building a value proposition, and how passion and skills can contribute to it.

[44:37] Challenges in Branding.
Rachel talks about the common challenges people face in branding, such as being unclear about their audience and struggling to connect their stories.

[48:12] Surrender and Trust.
Rachel shares her advice on how to create a life that's better than your dreams, which involves surrendering and trusting the process.



  • "Until you make the leap and there is no safety net, you can't fly. It's like you just gotta jump and then it will kind of work itself out and it has and it continues to." - Rachel B Lee
  • "If I could help one soul, one person that has a similar experience, that would mean the world to me."- Rachel B Lee
  • "The sooner you [surrender] in life, life is so much easier."- Rachel B Lee
  • "Our voice is really us being able to vocalize how what how what and why we do what we do got it and it's not easy."- Rachel B Lee
  • "Surrender just gotta let it let it ride take your hands off the steering wheel and just trust that it will all work out."- Rachel B Lee

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