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Mar 14, 2023

Everyone, I’ve got a secret I want to share with you: Hustle culture doesn’t work for women.

I know, I know, who would’ve thought, right?

Simply scroll through entrepreneur TikTok or your Instagram reels, and you’ll be bombarded with videos of people telling you you need to work more, hustle more, sleep less, and, under all of that… enjoy life less.

Because, let’s be honest, if you’re always hustling, then you don’t really have time to enjoy yourself, take a nice warm bath to relax, play with your children, or spend quality time with your spouse, your friends, or your family.

Women are always told they’re not doing enough. 

But enough is enough (yes, I am putting. my. foot. down.)

We can have it all, even if we don’t spend all of our lives praying at the hustle altar.

Someone who is the embodiment of this (and who has achieved sooooo many things without having to sacrifice her soul to hustle culture) is this week’s guest on the I Heart Life podcast, the brilliant Jadah Sellner.

Jadah is a brilliant business woman and the author of She Builds.

All of Jadah’s entrepreneurial work is built on one single idea: Sustainable leadership.

What is it? Why does it matter?

These are a few of the questions she answers in this episode.

Listen in as she and I discuss this and more, such as her book, why she rejects hustle culture, and how you can achieve everything you put your mind to while avoiding burnout.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in!


In This Episode:

  • [00:00] Introduction

  • [01:19] Jadah shares with us her big turning point

  • [10:29] The change after the realization

  • [22:23] Why Jadah procrastinated writing her book She Builds

  • [29:22] The warning signs that hustle is crushing you

  • [42:23] Jadah shares more about her daycare living situation story

  • [45:02] Who inspires Jadah to make changes in her life

  • [51:42] All you need is ten seconds of bravery



“Hustle is a season, it's not a lifestyle. So if that becomes your every day, then there is a mismatch.” – Jadah Sellner

“We're living in this male dominated culture; it wasn't that long ago that women were kind of the domestic caretakers of the home, taking care of the family, and the men would be at work, and then they're also the ones that have been the entrepreneurs. And so it's very new for women to not only be working outside of the home, but also to build their own economy, to build their own business. And the hustle culture, this male dominated narrative, has made us feel like we are not doing enough, we're not smart enough, we're not making enough.” – Jadah Sellner

“Building a business that compromises your health and relationships is not a sustainable business model.” – Jadah Sellner

“With Simple Green Smoothies, I knew my heart was being called in a different direction. And so I was actually not only experiencing this physical burnout, but I was also experiencing this mental burnout because I was misaligned with my truth.” – Jadah Sellner

“I'm a builder. I'm a creator. I always say that I'm an artist first and a business owner second. I wanted to share with more people about the behind the scenes of building a business and also what it means to build a business when you are a mom, when you are taking on more caregiving responsibilities. And I was more passionate talking about the behind the scenes of how we did what we did than about talking about the health benefits of chia seeds.” – Jadah Sellner

“I think for ambitious women, we have a vision, we have a dream, we have projects and goals, and then we hit them and we plateau because we haven't expanded what is possible for us or what is it that we're wanting to learn or how we're wanting to grow next. So that's why I think it's important for us to keep connecting to ‘What's that next level vision?’” – Jadah Sellner


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