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Apr 25, 2023

In this podcast episode, Emily Williams shares her journey of building a successful business and making seven figures in her first 18 months. She talks about investing in a coach, working through money blocks, and making sacrifices to focus solely on her business.

Emily emphasizes the importance of being clear on your desires, challenging limiting beliefs around money, and up-leveling your mindset. She also acknowledges that the journey of building a successful business is not a straight path and that it can be painful and uncertain at times.

Emily's journey is a testament to the power of hard work, trust, and mindset work in achieving success.

In This Episode: 

  • [03:44] Emily's unique circumstances. Emily explains her situation when she started her business, including her lack of responsibilities and debt.

  • [06:21] Investing in a coach. Emily talks about her decision to invest in a coach and the amount of money she spent to get results.

  • [09:36] Working through money blocks. Emily discusses her experience with money mindset work and how she overcame her fear of talking to people about money.

  • [11:06] Building the Business. Emily talks about her dedication to building her business, investing in a coach, and working through money blocks.

  • [14:24] Investing in a High-Level Program. Emily talks about how she invested $120,000 in a high-level program to take her business to the next level, and how she hustled to make the money for the investment.

  • [19:00] Investing in a Coach. Emily talks about investing $120,000 in a coaching program and the risk tolerance required for such an investment.

  • [21:14] Upleveling Mindset. Emily shares how she up-leveled her mindset by observing her own blocks and limiting beliefs, using the example of buying a $7 chocolate bar.

  • [26:28] Flying Business Class. Emily talks about giving herself the gift of flying business class from Bali to London, and how it was a rational decision to try it out and see if it was important to her.

  • [27:13] Investing in Desires. Emily challenges listeners to explore their desires and not immediately cut off the option of achieving them due to perceived limitations.

  • [29:01] Expanding Knowledge and Raising Rates. Emily discusses the importance of expanding knowledge and experience in order to validate higher rates and serve next-level clients.

  • [31:15] Authentic Branding. Emily emphasizes the importance of living out the message being preached and being authentic in branding, including investing in photography and standing out from the crowd.

  • [36:00] Expanding the Business Model. Emily talks about the challenges of working with 27 clients and how she expanded her group program offers and raised her rates to work with higher-level clients.

  • [37:36] Learning the Hard Way. Emily shares the lessons she learned the hard way, including the importance of growth being painful, hiring quickly, and building a stronger foundation.

  • [39:10] Focus on Profit and Team Building. Emily discusses what she would do differently if she were starting her business today, including focusing on profit, team building, and putting more structure in place. She also emphasizes the importance of tuning the plan to what feels aligned for each individual.


"It was actually more in service to the client or to the customer for me to go deeper with them on money and to act and operate from a place of being a coach versus worrying about being liked."

"Never lower your prices to the point where you feel like you're gonna resent your clients."

"As you're up-leveling observe yourself. What are the blocks that you have? What are the ways in which you're holding yourself back?"

"Don't cut off the option before you even explore it is what I'm trying to say."

"I wouldn't require myself to move as quickly and I would focus more on profit than just you know making money and spending money to up level but I know that those initial investments really helped me to gain traction quickly and to feel supported and to understand how to actually do this online business thing and that was a topic I didn't know much about and so learning from somebody who'd been there and done it was huge."

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